Privacy Protection

1. Lestrans d.o.o. respects your privacy and is committed to protecting personal information obtained through its online information system, carefully protect it and shall not share this information with third parties or use it for other purposes without your consent. In our on-line information system certain links to other external websites, not directly linked to our company Lestrans d.o.o., are provided; we do not assume responsibility for the protection of data found on those websites.


2. Cookies contain data about your visit to a website. A cookie (data file) is installed on your computer when you visit the website, which on one hand provides simplicity and speed, but on the other hand, it also constitutes an invasion of privacy and presents a possibility of subsequent targeted advertising.

Cookie Content

3. Cookies contain basic data about your visit to a particular website. First, the name of your computer or your name and the name of the website visited are stated. The contents of the cookie are stored on your computer in a separate directory. Double-clicking on the file will give you more detailed information about the website visited and the date and time of the visit. All of this information is also stored with the operator of the website you visited. This can tell a lot about your computer hardware and Internet usage.

4. Cookies can be deleted, disabled or used conditionally with certain settings. Browsers are set to accept cookies by default but to reject cookies that do not originate from the location indicated in the address bar.

5. Lestrans d.o.o. is committed to protecting the data and privacy of website visitors to the best of its ability. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of the data obtained, to maintain the accuracy of personal data and to ensure their proper use, we use appropriate technical and organisational procedures to safeguard the data we collect.

Cookies used by the 

1. System Cookies

Ime piškotka Intention Validity period
cookieconsent_status Keeps information on whether or not you have enabled cookies
1 year Lestrans d.o.o.
october_session Keeps current session info (shopping cart, etc.) Until session ends Lestrans d.o.o.

System cookies are part of the platform we use and will be installed in any event.

2. Analytical Cookies

Cookie name Intention Validity period
_ga Google Analytics
(statistics of website views)
2 years Google Inc.
_gat Google Analytics
(statistics of website views)
1 minute Google Inc.
_gid Google Analytics
(statistics of website views)
1 day Google Inc.

Analytical cookies will only be installed if you enable them. You can read more about the cookies used by Google Analytics at

Disabling cookies

Users can decide for themselves whether to enable cookies or not. You can control and change your cookie settings in your web browser. Information on cookie settings (for different web browsers) is available at the links below:

Disabling cookies will disable some of the website's features.

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