About us

Lestrans d.o.o. is a company of years of experience and tradition in the field of transportation. We incorporate a high level of reliability, professionalism and meeting agreements to gain experience and and satisfied customers at home and foreign markets.

We are a family company founded in 1994, which started with transportation of bulk cargo (sawdust, wood chips) in Slovenia and the neighbouring Croatia. At the time founder, our father Janez Antončič was only one employed in the company; he was joined by his son Matjaž in 2002 who shared his father’s enthusiasm for transport business.

Later on the company expanded its activity to timber purchase and wood transportation from the privately-owned forests. We also perform international transport along with transportation of bulk cargo, timber purchase and transport of roundwood. We have expanded our service abroad due to our reliable and honest work. 

We also own an internal service for fuelling.

The company created excellent business results in three consecutive years, which is confirmed by the golden credit excellence.

Where are we?

  • Lestrans d.o.o.
  • Cesta Notranjskega odreda 45 A
  • 1386 Stari trg pri Loži